Wednesday, 19 December 2012

That Time of Year

This is the time of year when the wheels of translation turn ever more slowly. The winter solstice beckons, as do warm firesides, mulled wine or whatever else takes your fancy. 

It is almost the time the French refer to as ‘la trève des confiseurs’ (the confectioners’ truce); the time between Christmas and New Year when all is still and people are caught in the suspended animation of digestion.

It is time to give you all our best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2013.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Twittersphere - on the importance of respect for others

In the Twittersphere and elsewhere people seem to be unaware that much of what is published is seen by everyone. The word ‘publish’ is of course significant. It means that information is made public, and can therefore be seen by all.

If you tweet or publish it is therefore important that you use language which is at the very least polite, intelligible to all, in keeping with the subject, not liable to cause hurt or offence.

Many forget this. They sound off at the slightest provocation. There then ensues a slanging match which would be funny if it were not embarrassing, or perhaps even disturbing.

Communication operates in two directions and being civil certainly helps. So when someone asks you a question, do not reply with a rude ‘Whats your xxxxxxx problem?’. Try ‘Would you mind explaining please?’ or something to that effect.

Respectful and polite forms of address oil the cogs of human relationships, and make true communication easier and more agreeable.