Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Oops, fell off the cliff, wall or into the abyss!

Cliff, chasm or abyss?

Well we nearly did anyway.

At least in English it was the cliff, or rather falling off it, which threatened us with oblivion.

In Spanish, commentators chose to speak of 'un abismo', the abyss.

The French offered a choice of a wall 'mur' (either financial or budgetary), altogether less dangerous; or an abyss or chasm 'gouffre fiscal'; but did not choose 'abîme' which is also an abyss or chasm.

Perhaps just to avoid confusion with '(en) abyme' which refers to a story containing another story, or a diamond in which another diamond is mounted, if my memory serves me well.

In any event it has been entertaining to see how journalists and others have been attempting to make an endless series of budgetary discussions sound exciting, particularly as everyone knew some compromise would eventually be reached.

Unless it has all driven you up the wall.

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